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Sleep is Good

Setting Your Computer Monitor for Energy Savings

Download EZ Wizard

The ENERGY STAR® EZ Wizard program automatically enables your monitor sleep settings; just click on the icon and choose "Open" or "Run".

* If you're using a browser that does not allow you to "Open" or "Run" this file, [Click Here].

For more information about
EZ Wizard , [Click Here].

For information on enabling your settings manually, click on one of the operating systems below.

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows 2000
Windows NT

It is easy to set up a modern computer so that the monitor will go to sleep when you're away. Most monitors consume only a few watts in sleep mode. In contrast, screen savers can use as much electricity as if the computer monitor were in full use.

Letting your monitor sleep does not cause conflicts with software or network operations, and it can save a substantial amount of energy. When you return to your desk and touch a key or move the mouse, the monitor wakes up automatically.

If you want to enable sleep for 50 or more computer monitors click on the [EZ Save] link to learn more about this free software tool. EZ Save allows IT staff to set sleep mode for all your company's monitors through the computer network. 

Adjusting Your Monitor's Time Delay Before Sleep

For maximum energy savings we recommend that you set your monitor to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. If your monitor is already set to go to sleep and you want to adjust the time delay, you can follow the same steps listed below. If adjusting to a longer time delay , we recommend that you adjust the settings incrementally (e.g. increasing the delay by five minutes at a time). Small adjustments help you find the shortest time delay (and the greatest energy savings) with which you are comfortable.

If you're not sure which version of Windows is on your computer, click on the “Start” button. The strip along the side of the pop-up menu will display “Windows 95”, “Windows 2000”, etc.

Windows NT versions prior to V.5 (which is Windows 2000) do not recognize power management; you will need to use a third-party utility in order to allow your monitor to save energy. If your organization is upgrading to Windows 2000, however, it's easy to enable sleep settings as part of the upgrade. Check with your IT staff.

If Your Computer Won't Let You Adjust Settings

Sometimes computer monitor sleep settings are being controlled through an organization's local area network (LAN). If your attempts to set or adjust your monitor's sleep settings are unsuccessful, check with your IT staff. Network control is especially common with the Windows 2000 operating system. Alternatively, IT staff may have used a third party software program to change settings through the network. One example is US DOE and EPA's free EZ Save software. Your IT Staff may be able to work around this network control for your individual computer.

More Information on EZ Wizard

EZ Wizard is a simple program that will enable power management on your monitor in seconds.

EZ Wizard will:

  • Ask how long you want your system to sit idle before it goes to sleep: 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
  • Ask if you want to be able to see your screen saver before the monitor goes to sleep.
  • Turn on the ENERGY STAR features that work with your monitor.
  • Enable the existing power management functionality of Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP).

* If your browser does not allow you to open the EZ_Wizard.exe file, follow the instructions below.

After clicking on the EZ Wizard icon above,

  • Choose "Save the program to your hard drive". (Being only 86k, it will take just a few seconds.)
  • Find the program on your hard drive and double-click it.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions.

If your system is running Windows NT, the program will recognize this and inform you that ENERGY STAR cannot be activated. No other options will be provided.

If you have run EZ Wizard previously, the program will allow you to reset to your previous ENERGY STAR settings. In this case, you will see an introductory screen asking if a reset or modification is desired.

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